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general questions

Condo Hotels combine hotel conveniences and luxuries with the security and privacy of home ownership.

The hotel usually resides on the lower floors with the residential units on the upper floors. 

Westin Residences are full ownership (not timeshare or fractional) condominiums atop a 4-Star Westin Hotel.

Homeowners enjoy access to hotel amenities and the premium luxury experience Westin offers everyday. 

Westin is a globally recognized premium brand of Marriott with a 90-year history in hospitality. 


Every Westin Residences is one-of-a-kind. Each building was designed by world-class architects to seamlessly accommodate and delight both hotel guests and residents.

Typically there are fewer total units at Westin Residences properties versus condo only high-rises. Also, units tend to be larger with high quality finishes and fewer neighbors per floor. That usually means faster elevator access, less congestion, and more enjoyable living.

Who wouldn’t want to live like they’re always on vacation? Here’s just a few of the perks:

  • Shared hotel amenities (pool & fitness center)
  • Garage parking (usually same number of spaces per bedroom)
  • Private entrance (valet parking optional)
  • Secure drop-off & deliveries (packages, dry-cleaning)
  • Front desk / concierge
  • Private elevators
  • Pet friendly
  • 24-hour security
  • Westin Hotel discounts

other questions

Each unit (condominium) at Westin Residences can be purchased outright. Originally the developer handles all sales. After that time, units can only be purchased from existing homeowners. If you’re not sure what to do, just contact us.


Once you own a Westin Residences Unit, you can modify it as you wish (pending HOA approval).

If purchased pre-construction, the builder may offer optional upgrades.

Yes, homeowners can rent their unit.

Minimum 1-year lease term apply. Rental pricing and terms are set by each owner.

Note: Renters should be aware they always renting from a homeowner (not Westin).

As with any condominium ownership, there are typically two major fees:

  1. Property taxes assessed by city, county or state.
  2. Home Owners Association (HOA) fees for shared services, employees, and building maintenance.

Each cost varies in relation to purchase price and size of the unit. Both are the responsibility of individual owners.

Limited Availability

Westin Residences

The Tallest Building in Virginia


In the heart of Virginia Beach Town Center at the intersection of Independence Blvd & Virginia Beach Blvd.


4545 Commerce Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
757-447-2833 (call or text)


Westin Virginia Beach Town Center at dusk

Westin Residences

The most luxurious condos in Virginia Beach.

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